The PDF Shrinker

Reduce PDF file size by applying Jpeg compression to all images embedded in the PDF.

How to use


Java SE6 or newer

Option 1: Build from source

Download code and build using Maven

Option 2: Download pre-built app

All operating systems:

Unpack the archive wherever. On Windows, run shrink-pdf.bat. On Mac or Linux, run

Command Line Arguments

The PDF Shrinker supports command line arguments for automation. From the install directory, do:

java -cp "jar/*" edu.emory.cellbio.ShrinkPDF
    [<input> [<output>]] [-q <quality>] [-h | --headless]

<input> — Path of the PDF file to shrink

<output> — Path to save the shrunken PDF

-q <quality> — Compression quality parameter. Number between 0 (low quality, small file size) and 1 (high quality, large file size). Default, 0.85.

-h | --headless — If this flag is set, the app will use default parameter values if user values are not set. Otherwise, user input will be requested.

Release notes






Uses Apache PDFBox to read, parse, and write PDF files (included in the pre-built app download)


Benjamin Nanes
Github: bnanes

This is your PDF on Jpeg.